A place that brings together
“deliciousness” and “adorableness” you will want
to give to others

The authentic drip coffee powder
of INIC coffee is the main product.
However, in fact, we offer fantastic
“deliciousness” and “adorableness” in addition
to our wonderful coffees.
And also we have fresh fruits juices
with a clear feeling, warm and sweet confectionary
to gradually relax of your day,
kind and soul-soothing fruit powder,
and lovely goods that will make you happy every time.
We wish to be better for your everyday life
with just a little bit more enjoyable.
We introduce many such tastes and items here.
Why don’t you find some “excitement” that you will want
to give to someone special or your own hard-working self?

INIC coffee

  • Take just five seconds whether ice or hot

    INIC is fineness to the premium fine granule powder that achieves a misty coffee extract solution with a special instantaneously drying manufacturing method.
    You can see the difference at a glance from other powders.
    Therefore, this is an extraordinary product that takes just five seconds whether in hot or cold water.
    You can enjoy the luxurious taste of authentic coffee without trouble even when you are busy.

  • Clear coffee, No bitterness and acridity

    The challenge with conventional instant coffee was that an enormous burden was placed on the beans because it was extracted under conditions considered harsh on them (e.g. high heat).
    This even pulled out unnecessary turbidity, bitterness and acridity.
    Accordingly, we strictly set the optimal extraction temperature and extraction time for INIC coffee by ascertaining the characteristics of the Arabica blend to maximize just the attractions of the carefully selected coffee beans.
    We cut out the weak points of the beans through a delicate process to make coffee with just its deliciousness standing out.

  • Absolutely no colorings, flavorings or additives

    The only ingredients of INIC coffee are coffee and dextrin. Dextrin is a natural substance made by breaking down starch.
    We use this to stabilize the quality of INIC coffee.
    We do not use any unnecessary colorings, flavorings or additives, so please drink with confidence.

  • A taste you will be never tired
    of no matter how many times you drink it morning, afternoon and night

    INIC coffee has a moderately strong taste you can drink anytime.
    It has totally well-balanced harmony between the acidity and bitterness.
    It has an exhilarating feel when drunk that leaves you satisfied without leaving weight, so you will be never tired of it whenever you drink it.
    The top aroma that rises up in the moment it melts has a habit-forming aromanticness.


Smooth Aroma is totally well-balanced of body and acidity
with mellow aroma to heal your soul.

The Smooth Aroma is an authentic dripped coffee powder made from 100% strictly selected Arabica beans.
It brings to you this happiness with easy step.
This is premium fine granule type that melts in just five seconds whether hot or ice is perfect for those, like you, who value their time.
We also recommend this for those who have had a tendency to keep their distance from coffee because it has a taste that can be drunk without hesitation even though it has depth.
You try it at once, you will completely forget the taste of all other instant coffees you have ever drunk.


  • Smooth Aroma

    Trial size: 3 sticks

  • Morning Aroma

    Classic size: 12 sticks

  • Organic Aroma

    Large size: 30 sticks

  • Night Aroma

    Bottle type: 55 g bottle
    (14 to 28 cups)


  • Smooth Aroma

    Smooth Aroma

    Best seller
    of INIC coffee

  • Morning Aroma

    Morning Aroma

    With milk for
    a refreshing morning

  • Organic Aroma

    Organic Aroma

    100% organic beans

  • Night Aroma

    Night Aroma

    99.85% Caffeine free

  • Luxe Aroma
    Caramel Chocolat

    Luxe Aroma  Caramel Chocolat

    Happy time provided
    by caramel

  • Luxe Aroma

    Luxe Aroma

    Luxurious coffee
    with authentic chocolate

  • Daytime Ice Aroma

    Daytime Ice Aroma

    For Iced coffee

  • Silky Soy Latte

    Silky Soy Latte

    Warm and sweet soy latte

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